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Simplify Engineering was engaged to create a solution for structural alterations and strengthening to two 18th and 19th-century in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. The project included new steelwork, removal of a chimney, lateral restraining of bulging walls and changing the staircase location to suit the new use as a dental surgery and first-floor residential flats.

As part of our structural analysis, our team was able to calculate current material strengths and load-bearing capacity. This led to the installation of new steelwork to support the change of layout and removal of the chimney. To provide additional support to the structure, our team also improved the lateral restraint of bulging walls, which will prevent the walls from buckling under the pressure of increased vertical loads.

Although we have a brilliant reputation for providing structural engineering services to large scale commercial projects, this is an excellent example of our team’s ability to undertake small scale commercial projects. There were numerous challenges within this project related to the age of the building, however, our team were able to design an effective solution that will preserve the integrity of this period building for many years to come.

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