The SimplifyC team is often engaged by developers, and recently we were pleased to work on foundation designs for two national house building projects near Portsmouth and Reading.

The first development lies in Berewood, Waterlooville and consists of more than 250 new build houses. This development is eagerly anticipated within the area, due to the increasing housing pressure within nearby Portsmouth and with its convenient access to the surrounding areas, it is likely that many people will be looking to make the move out of the city.

The development includes a variety of homes, including affordable housing and social housing, and our team were excited to be selected for this key step within the build process. To create the ideal foundation designs for this development our team had to consider the type of ground and the load itself. As with all housing projects, there will always be challenges during the design phase, and within this site, the major issue which we needed to overcome was the nearby trees, as shown in our plans below.

In particular, with this site, we needed to design foundations which were able to accommodate potential movement due to nearby trees and potential soil shrinkage. These issues meant that we had to ensure the relevant NHBC 4.2 guidelines were met, and our team had to pay close attention to tree species, planting schedules, service locations, drainage systems and the potential for soil volume change.

These conditions were very similar to our project in Lower Thatcham, Reading, which involved our team designing foundations which were also compliant to NHBC 4.2 guidelines, as shown below. This new estate will contain more than 100 new homes and it is also designed to help people move out of the nearby city, and with great commuting links it benefits from an excellent location close to Reading.

During the design phase of both projects, our team considered various precautions such as reinforcement of the foundations, bridging walls and structural slabs, which led to the final foundation plans for these exciting projects. We look forward to following the development of these new estates and we are sure that both will be a great benefit to the local area.

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